Healthcare IT: Raised Floor Optimization Project: 30K sq ft

Pain: Bypass airflow and hot/cold air mixing


  • Onsite analysis of raised floor openings
  • Sealed 1500 + openings over 2 phases with Koldlok
  • Raised floor adjustment of gaps and trips
  • HotLok Blanking panels in open U space of cabinets
  • High CFM tiles replaced existing 25% perforated tiles for better airflow to meet heat load demands
  • Improved cooling optimization

Public Utility Company: Raised Floor Optimization Project: 40K sq ft

Pain: Bypass airflow and hot/cold air mixing


  • Sealed open floor cut-outs in equipment racks in 2 data centers with Koldlok
  • Replaced 25% perf tiles with Triad high CFM efficient tiles
  • Hotlok Blanking panels in  all cabinets
  • CFM increased 40%
  • Less than 3% of hot spots remained
  • Adjusted intake temp increased

Manufacturing Firm:

Pain: Distributed process costly. New data center needed


  • Consolidation of 4 sites into 50 year-old warehouse
  • Configured APC hot aisle containment inrow cooling for 35Kw
  • Provided integration of DCIM software and appliance for power and cooling
  • Remote server access via Avocent products for ‘Lights Out” OPS

Aerospace Firm:

  • Configure and space plan for 14 labs and data center
  • APC 80KW UPS  ISX configuration with full DCIM monitoring capabilities
  • APC 40-60KW PODS configured and installed in 6 sites nationally

Online Banking Firm: Data Center Expansion

  • Custom design of server cabinets to meet ceiling height restrictions and overhead cabling demands
  • Phase 2: retrofit exiting hot/cold aisle configuration with CONTAIN-IT cold aisle containment

Mortgage Firm: Data Center Build (Three Sites Nationally)

  • Standardize APC 80KW ISX in retrofit data center(s) for N+2 capability
  • Cabinet design and implementation in network rooms for 14 locations nationally

Healthcare IT:

  • Provide full turnkey infrastructure for 3 sites over past 7 years
  • Design power and storage based on requirements, heat load and server access
  • Centralized DCIM software to manage and monitor power and cooling
  • Metered rack power  and temp sensors

Data Center Physical Infrastructure Build: Northern California Software Firm

  • Server cabinet design for 450 cabinets in new 16K SQ FT data center
  • Design based on power and heat load forecast
  • Metered rack power
  • Remote server access


  • Provide full turnkey infrastructure of cabinets, metered rack power , Power management tools
  • Provide APC air removal doors for blade cabinets for direct path to return of heat
  • Onsite cooling assessment via “koldprofile” assisted in cooling adjustment and inproved data center optimization (DCO)
  • Hot-aisle containment (HAC) 6 rows of 60kw ROW
  • Client instituted 35KW inrow cooling to replace CRAC units
  • Provided  high CFM airflow floor tiles in cold aisle




Finance firm:

  • Provided cold Aisle Containment (CAC) for 30KW server cabinet row.
  • overhead cable ladder for power and data cable organization
  • High CFM airflow panels in the aisles to provide sufficient cooling to server inlet






Co-Location firm:

  •  Build out of cage area
  • Sub-Zero cold aisle containment (CAC)
  • APC server cabinets for 5KW load per cabinet
  •  Overhead ladder tray