Press Releases

10.01.09 Ameron International Awards Premier Solutions Co. Consolidation Project

10.01.08 Premier Solutions Co. selected for Northrop Grumman lab build out

04.17.08 Premier Solutions Co. has been awarded a project by Digital insight, an Intuit company, to provide server enclosures and related services for their data center expansion in the greater Los
Angeles area. “Our client required a custom cabinet to meet their current and future physical storage needs, this is a specialty

Publications and Articles

InfraStruXure® Solution Increases Sales, Speeds Growth

Premier Solutions Steps Up
Company Offers New Options For Heat & Power Challenges
Data centers are experiencing an evolution in technology that increases efficiency but leaves IT professionals to deal with the issue of escalating heat and more at

New Trends In Data Centers. As Equipment Changes, The Centers That House Them Are Overhauled, Too by Elizabeth Millard.

Dirty Data Centers.  Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Data Centers Clean by Bill Montgomery. The Data Center Journal Top ten reasons why you should keep your Data Center Clean

Keep Your Data Center Showroom New.  Regular Maintenance Ensures Optimum Performance by Chris Jackson.

Spic And Span In The Data Center. Keeping Your Servers and Equipment Clean by Chris Jackson.

Keep Your Data Center Showroom New. Regular Maintenance Ensures Optimum Performance by Chris Jackson,

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